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Topic: Oil Expeller for Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Flour

Performance, Recovery, Efficiency and Export Quality VCO and Coconut Flour from our Awayan Expellers. We have supplied coconut oil expellers for big dessicated coconut plant in the Philippines.

In the past Extra Fine and Low Fat Dessicated coconut cannot be milled by other local and known imported brands - we did it!!!  Yes the Filipino can....

We are pleased to announce, we made a contribution to the coconut industry particularly big DCN producers. Our Awayan Expeller SM 30 VCO Expeller can mill 100% Extra Fine, and 100% Low Fat dessicated coconut.

We customized expellers based on client needs. Not only do we fabricate but we also manufacture coconut oil for more than 15 years. Our additional features are based on actual experiences... we incorporated various technologies to improve extraction efficiency.

For inquiries: Eng'r. Romy Awayan
                    +63 998 545 8676