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Can someone tell me the complete lists of Philippine Recommends Series so that I can decide what to buy before  go to PACARRD office?

So far I am interested in the following PR manuals for:

Goat Raising (Slaughter, Dairy, Breeding)
Chicken Layer
Free Range Chicken
Chicken Breeding
Hog Fattening
Honey Bee Keeping
Hito/Tilapia Farming and Breeding

The reason that I need a list is because there might be any available manual that I might interested.

Thanks a lot.
Raden / Batangas


Re: Philippine Recommends Series Queston

Sir Raden,

We have a number of publications related to goat raising chicken, swine, and tilapia.  If you are interested to acquire other publications other than that, please email us at acdpub@pcaarrd.dost.gov.ph.  We will be sending you the list of publications for sale.  Thank you.


Re: Philippine Recommends Series Queston

good day rina;

is your publication for philippines recommends pork production
still available for sale,i am interested to order via lbc.

pls advise.

many thanks


Re: Philippine Recommends Series Queston

where can i get the copy of PR on Pork Production


Re: Philippine Recommends Series Queston

Good day po!

Available pa po ang PR for Pork Production.  Please send your inquiry through this email (acdpub@pcaarrd.dost.gov.ph) and we will gladly send you the price list and how to avail of the publications.

Thank you very much for your interest in our publications.



Re: Philippine Recommends Series Queston

Puede pa rin ho bang umorder na PRGF? same Price pa rin ho ba? at same address?

dtf88 wrote:

puer_bonus, arnel sison,

The  Philippine Recommends for Goat Farming costs Php150.00 and The PR for Duck Egg Production costs Php110.00 + handling fee:

                      Php80- through Philippine Post Office
You may place your order together with your payment by money order addressed to:

Los Baños, Laguna 4030
Tel. No. (049) 536-0014 to 0020 loc. 216
Fax. No. (049) 536-0016

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Re: Philippine Recommends Series Queston

We went to PCAARRD last Friday to buy the PR books.  Some titles were not available, but I was able to get some of the books that I wanted.

For the information of everybody, UPLB, which is located further up the winding mountain road also sells agri and aqua publications.  Their publication library is located beside the graduate school building.


Re: Philippine Recommends Series Queston

Good day!

Can I have a copy of Philippine Recommends for Coffee? Kindly send it to my email: arvinadan22@yahoo.com

Thank you!


Re: Philippine Recommends Series Queston

Dear Sir,

We are sorry to inform you that our Phils. Recommends for Coffee (1982 [outdated]) is already out of print. 

However, we do have other publications on coffee that you can avail through email.

Kindly give us the following information to facilitate the mailing of your requested publication:

Title of Publication: (Publications o Coffee)
Full Name:
Office/Agency Affiliation:
Complete Mailing Address:
E-mail Address:
Contact Number:

Send to pcaarrd.publications@gmail.com.  Thank you for your interest in our publications.

Very truly yours,

Marina T. de Ramos
Applied Communication Division