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Hello mga Ka-PCAARRD!

I am an OFW and always been wanting to go back home. So I thought of putting up an Agri and Poultry Supply Business. I'm going to put this up in my hometown in Nueva Ecija where farming is still the main source of living. There's still a long way to go and what I have now is just a small amount of money and a very rough idea on how to run the business. So I'm here looking for some advise. I'm hoping that I will be able to find someone here to put me on the right track.

There are few things in my mind:

1. Capital - is half a million peso enough to keep the ball rolling considering a small operation as a starting point?

2. Suppliers - is it very difficult to find one? are there any suppliers out there willing to do business in a consignment basis?

3. Consumers - how to deal with different kinds of customers? is it ok to loan them their needs?

4. Equipment - do I need to acquire a truck (for exmple)?

5. Profit (of course) - is it really profitable? any ideas on the amount of markup should I impose to keep the business afloat?

Some considerations:

1. I already have the building

2. My own family and I will be manning the shop

Pardon me for these questions are very subjective and that there's a lot of variables to consider. Any information that can lead to my goal is very highly appreciated.

Maraming Salamat Po


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Hello Sir and Maam.

up ko lang tong question ni Sir Jay-jay.

magkano ang dapat budget sa pagpapatayo ng building? sir jay magkano nagastos mo?
at kung meron pa ba nagpapaconsign ng feeds at fertilizers?

Maraming salamat


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Dear Jay-Jay,

We have a publication on Profitability Analysis of Native Chicken. May I suggest that you go over the publication to give you an idea of the feasibility of venturing in poultry production. May I request for your e-mail account for us to send the publication.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Princess Ani
Socio-Economics Research Division, PCAARRD

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I have the same question and very much similar situation as Sir Jay-jay,

i also have the building and my family will be running the business, and also in Central Luzon Area which pretty much close to his place, since im going back to my province in Tarlac.

any advise on his questions please, would be appreciated. or is there any person or Organization we can contact for information.

please bear in mind also, it will be my first time venturing into business  since i've been working overseas since i graduated.

Maraming salamat


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Good Morning!
Please email me a feasibility on pig and goat raising as well as costing for this type of business. Also, the ROI.  thank you.


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@ Jay-Jay kumusta na Agri and Supply Business mo? natuloy ba? any tips how to be successful in this kind of business? what are the do's and dont's? i hope natuloy business mo. thank you in advance.