Topic: Need help with Bamboo Planting in Laguna

Hi All

I have been having difficulty getting my head around the various species of Bamboo that are suitable for cultivation and since I have no experience in this before, I have thrown in the towel and am here looking for help.

To put it shortly, I was looking to plant bamboo that can 1) act as a wind barrier(is it wise? considering the moquitoes it may harbor?) 2) can be used for construction (strong and tall) 3) understand the commercial benefits - the area i have in mind is Laguna - Lake Lumot (sierra)

Would really appreciate some guidance. Im on my 4th coffee and still havent figured this out smile


Re: Need help with Bamboo Planting in Laguna

Hi Radhika,

Any species of bamboo can be used as wind barrier. As for the mosquitoes, we can prevent it through proper management and cleanliness.

For construction, we recommend the ff. species:
1. giant bamboo (Dendrocalamus asper (Schutes f.) Backer ex Heyne)
2. kawayan tinik (Bambusa blumeana)
3. bayog (Bambusa sp. 1)
4. bolo (Gigantochloa levis (Blanco) Merr.)

Aside from construction, bamboos can be used as alternatives to timber for making furniture and craft/novelty items, textile, musical instruments, and pulp and paper. Bamboos can also be utilized for food and beverages, medicinal, and ornamental uses.

Hope this helps, thank you!