Topic: Ang dahon ba ay basura?

Can a homeowner's association throw leaves (dahon), tree branches and alike in an open lot within the subdivision without the consent of the owner of the lot? with consent? Is it considered "basura"?

What would be my remedy to refrain association from throwing these items in an open lot? (I'm not the owner)

The president of the homeowner association prohibited people from throwing trash in said open lot citing Antipolo Ordinance 2008-287 but they themselves used the area to throw away leaves and tree branches which also caused throwing of plastics and other trash.


Re: Ang dahon ba ay basura?

If you really have lots of leaves everyday, there's one solution you can do that can even help you gain income. That is through vermicomposting. You just need to find African Night crawlers, put it in an enclosed area (like 2 levels hollow blocks 1m x 1m). Aside from leaves, you can put there fish gills and other wastes even dog poops.  In a day, ANC worms can eat more than their size and could easily convert your waste into vermicasts if you cover them.  The castings are best fertilizers to vegetables, fruit trees, and ornamental plants.  If you have so much of it, you can pack and sell.

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