Re: rural to urban migration in search of jobs

millions of young filipinos migrate to cities yearly to study and or to find jobs

what do we know about government policies on internal migration?

quite visible are the many sidewalk businesses operated by women in muslim attire.

luzon mountain tribes members who migrate to lowland urban areas are less visible because they dress like and speak pilipino like ordinary filipinos with less of a regional accent.

migrants from the visayas are more easily identified by their accents or intonations.

poor migrants from rural areas or provincial cities provide the manpower and consumer power that make small businesses in our cities possible. carinderias are the primary beneficiaries of rural to urban migrants


Re: rural to urban migration in search of jobs

All my life I live in Manila.  When opportunity came I bought a small house in the province & then a small farm.  I spend 1/3 of my time in the province tending to my farm.  If given the choice I'd rather stay full time in the province and go farming.  One of the problem with those in the provinces is lack of skill & interest of what is available as income opportunities in the provinces.  There are many opportunities out there but it is very unfortunate that those out there cannot appreciate these opportunities or lack the skill to take advantage of those opportunities.

It is ironic that those in the urban centers like to go to the province while those in the province like to go to the urban areas.

Mindanao is a different story.  Peace & order is a major problem that's why our kababayans there go to urban centers.

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Re: rural to urban migration in search of jobs

Ako naman po, baliktad. I grew up in BF Homes Paranaque and had my education at San Beda and UP, but here I am, planting 1000 papaya trees without a business plan.

We are now staying here in Lipa City, at marunong ng magbukas ng niyog sa sarili smile