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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

already sold to:


he is now manufacturing decorticating in Samar. he is also into coconut coir and peat producer for export.

please contact him for more information.  thanks

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

Is this still available?  does it have a warranty? would this be the same machine to make coco fibre


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

Can I see your display of decorticating machine? where and when?
Hope you will give consideration.
Thanks a lot


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


where is your coconut plantation?

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

I'm interested in going into the business of converting coco husks into usable foms like fiber coir and peat, among others. Can someone please give me information as to its market, its potential and thus far, how much have we benefited in terms of export? Are there available market data?Where can I source them? And why is the decorticating machine quite expensive? What support does the DOST(or any government agency) offers so that investment in this machine  would be of lesser burden to starters?

My coco plantation is in Sorsogon and that's where I intend to operate the needed equipment.

Thanks a lot.



Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


I personally think what your paying for the decorticating machine why it is expensive is not about the machine itself but the design.  Mind you, would you invest in cheaper decorticating machine will only entail you at a loss in the long run.


1.Will the cheaper decorticating machine produce quality coirs? exportable variety?

2.Will the cheaper decorticating machine maximize your production as to its capacity to produce coirs?  (baka mamaya mas mura nga nakuha mong decorticating machine tapos baka 500 husk lang kaya niya decorticate per hour sayang din yung oras mo sa pag invest... isipin mo yung laborers mo magkano ibinibayad mo sa kanila tapos konti lang makukuha mo coir... hindi ka rin kikita kasi mas mataas gastos mo sa overhead) bakit ka pa mag venture sa ganyan business kung titipirin mo rin pala yung mga importanteng bagay diba.

3. Say, you produced coirs nga with the cheap decoticating machines, pos in the long run, you offer it to exporters, when hanap nila yung consistent export quality length ikaw matatalo kasi cheaper decorticating machines means inconsistent production of coirs, believe me.  Kaya nagkakaroon ng mga cheap decorticating machines or any other machines is because its alternative to the expensive ones.  But have you seen alternative machines being commercialized or being bought by big companies?? Example nalang ng china, mga products nila cheap pero yung quality maganda ba??

4.  Matatalo ka sa overhead expense mo kung you use cheaper decorticating   machines because it only means bababa capacity production niya kasi mas maliit yung decorticating machine kasi nga tinipid nila yung metals at ano pa para bumaba presyo thats the point of bakit papanngit quality production mo.  Kasi inaalter mo design ng tamang design.

Factors you should consider why Decorticating machines are so called expensive:

1.  Mahal ng bakal ngayon - ineexport yung bakal natin sa china leaving the fabricators to buy brandnew metals to make the machine.  Scrap metals are no more available in market and hindi pa maganda sizes.  Dun palang mahal na yung sourcing at purchasing ng machine.

2.  Yung labor na nga nung gumagawa ng machines sa DOST-MIRDC parang libre narin kasi government nila meaning mas mababa singil nila sa labor. You should consider na hindi madali gawin yung mga machines of any type. minsan 2-5 tao ang gumagawa ng machine mo para mataps ng mabilis.

3.  Yung design, pinaka imporatante to sa lahat, hindi ito biro yung pag design ng isang bagay, kung kala niyo mura think again bago dine design ng DOST decorticating machine, laki ng ginastos ng mga yan. Nung natapos na kinopya ng nung iba yung design tapos binebenta nila ng sobrang mahal.   

To make sure about buying decorticating machine buy from DOST-MIRDC.  Mga P160,000 yun, taps 3000-5000 husk per hour per day.  Bili ka sa iba mas mahal pa dun.  Bili ka ng diesel engine mga P3000 pababa sa sta. cruz manila.

My advice to all interested in making coconut coir and coconut peat, wag niyo titipirin yung sa machine kung gusto niyo commercial scale kasi bandang huli kapag may bibili sa iyo ng mga big exporters dito sa pilipinas baka mamaya pag nalaman nila na yung machine ay hindi nanggaling sa reliable fabricator at nag produce ka ng inconsistent quality, magsisi kayo. Hindi nila bibilin gawa niyo. Kasi mga coir exporters, maingat yan sa quality control. 

Kung naman hobby lang o maliitin lang yung production mo tipong local demand lang, yan you can purchase those cheap decorticating machines atleast it wont hurt you in the long run kasi hindi naman export quality target niyo.

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


The messages posted are very informative. I am interested in the industry of producing coco coir, peat and other products from coco husk.

I'm in the phase of gathering information for the coco husk industry.

I would like to ask if anybody can provide or share me any information on data regarding the market and pricing of the products.

I am from Davao City and have seen a couple of decorticating machines in my area. I observed that the fiber extracted needs to pass the decorticating machine twice.  Does it really need to repeat the process or is it the machine that does not have the capacity to extract quality fiber in just one pass?  I find it very time consuming.

to agri_center: does your decorticating machine needs the fiber to pass only once?

do you deliver the machine to provincial areas?

Thank you and God Bless!



Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

pahabol: you can send me any information on my email add or post it on the forum.


Thank you!


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


my decorticating machine is used double pass method, i think any small or medium sized decorticating machine goes through double pass. 

reason for double pass is to get all tell coco peat in the coco coir if you dont want to double pass then its more consuming if you sifter it afterwads, it will take a long time to sifter the coco coir if there are a lot of coco peat left if not double passed.

iam not selling decorticating machine json, you can contact PCA Zamboanga del norte, they make the same decorticating machine what DOST-MIRDC does.

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

thanks agri center! i'll try to contact PCA Zamboanga.

i have seen a 100 hp decorticating machine that does not need the fiber to pass the machine twice. it has a big screening machine when the fiber comes out from the decorticating machine. but it's quite expensive..

can you help me find any information on how much is the selling price per kilo of the baled coco coir right now in the market? so i can finish my study because i am still on research phase.

thank you!


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

Wanted to buy Decorticating & Baling Machine.. Please email me at brrad_Designs@yahoo.com



Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

Hi! I want to know who I can talk to regarding the decorticating machine. What's his contact numbers? I read in the PCA news re the machine. I'm from Tacloban City.


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


im very interested in this business. is there a seminar on coco coir making in davao city or near our place?

thank you.


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

thank you for sharing information, agri-center.. tanong ko lang po, yung 3000 coco husk, ilang sacks po ng coco peat ang produce nun? at yung 22 hp, magkano po kaya ang bill nun sa kuryente per hour?

i'm planning to buy a decorticating machine to use in my province. thanks!

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


mga 10-15 sacks. yung 22 hp (second hand) i bought it at 9-10k.  kung consistent supply mo ng coconut husk. Bill mo a day would be P100-P150 pesos.

lets say nalang you sell your 1 sack coco peat for P100 or more.  pos coco coir mo for P50 per sack.  you can make mga 2k a day.  minus labor of 2 guys for a 150 a day work plus food.  I guess all in all you'll make P1k-1.5k a day.  ROI would be 1.5 years to 2 years depends on your operation.

But if you're into landscaping or plant business thats a different story.  You can recover your ROI at a faster time because you're selling products at high value by using peat or coir a media for your plants.

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


I take a visit at PCA Zamboanga last Dec. 2007 I'm very much impress with their studies and research especially in producing coir fiber out of coco husk, in which it gives me an interest.

This coir fiber helps our productions to produce a better quality boards for local, domestic even export. this coir fiber add the binding capacity and flexibility of our production.

Now with the help of Mr. Louie Peñamora, the first line of the so called Decorticating Machine is operational in our Plant, separating coir fiber from peat. The 3-phase decorticator produces 200kgs of coir fiber single-pass, clean and ready to process. The Machine is no need to water soaking the coco husk to process.

I've started to fabricating the Decorticating Machine for our 2nd line for a new design of increasing output, maybe double or more.



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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

im new in this forum. help me pls.
anu ba pwd ko gawin sa balat ng coconut? coconut dealer aku. thanks. txt me at 09228975926 tnx pwd ba aku mag invest sa machine na yan? pls txt me sa info bout that machine


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


i used to decorticate coconuts husk from coconut dealers in our cities wet market.

mas feasible decorticate yung coconuts husk sa mga copra plantation, because lignin is high.

as for fresh coconut husk, dahil bata pa yung husk, yung lignin content ay mababa, which is not good sa pag bind ng coir or peat for export.

kagandahan na naman ng fresh coconut husk ang taas ng salt content nung husk or very alkaline siya and its good to use even if freshly na decorticate to fruit trees which iam engaging in.

I will again buy a small decorticating machine kahit double pass for my fruit tree orchard operation...

engage ka sa small operation lang and your market will be landscapers and plant enthusiasts.  study first your area for market. its better to be prepared.

as for me its beneficial for me kasi cocopeat is good fertilizer for my fruit trees and coco coir good for muching my fruit trees. 

iam looking for a small decorticating machine also.  kahit double pass ok lang.

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

anu ibig sabihin ng double pass?  tnx


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

double pass means 2 beses mo siya i decorticate.  the reason for this is because yung coconut husk na basa kapag first pass yung peat dumidikit pa sa coir. kaya kailangan mo i double pass para totally hiwalay yung peat sa coir. 

yung iba ginagawa nila bibili sila ng shredder tapos sifter at manually nila aalisin yung peat sa coir.  pero and drawback nito ay hindi standard length yung coir mo for export.  meron standard na length and coir for export. there are 3 standard level.

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

anyone can help me where to buy decorticating machine,, kahit second hand na lng...



Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

how much un machine?


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

agri center pls call or txt me 09228975926 naghahanap kuya ko ng machine

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

To: J_Michael and kevyao

Sir, i hope you don't mine, where exactly is your location? I have an available Decorticating Machine, i can also Fabricate it, (single pass), karamihan po sa mga Decorticating Machine na aking makita ay double pass, pero totoo po ito single pass lang, if you are interested please contact me, this is my #09287169897 or email me at hyjoromat@yahoo.com. or maybe you can give me your number.

I can also buy your Coco Coir Fiber.


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

how about husk lang, merong bang bumibili nito? location ng farm ay sa eastern samar.we don't have a decorticating machine, we don't know how to "do" the coco coir.


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


magkano fabricated decorticating machine mo??? mini decorticating, kailangan ko lang small operation to get coco peat for landscaping needs...

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


Just tell me what horse power you want, engine or electrically drive, then I will give you the quotation. From where were you in particular?


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


5-10 horsepower.  I need it for my plant business.  I need coco peat lang plus little big of coco coir.  Tiga Manila ka ba?

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

agri center,

Help naman.  Ano ba yung difference ng cocopeat at saka cococoir?
Iba rin po ba yun sa shredded coconut husk?

Meron po akong 2 hectare farm na gustong i-rehabilitate kasi na-erode na yung top soil.  Yung ibang portions naman ay natural na mabato at sa kalaunan ay nagsi uslian na.  Ang naisip kong ipang rehab at fertilizer na rin ay organic fertilizer from cocnut husk na shredded mixed with microorganisms.  Eventually, pag maayos ang operation gusto kong mag-expand into commercial organic fertilizer production gaya ng nakita ko sa katatapos na Agri Link.

Sa ganito po bang project ay kailangan ko ng decorticating machine o simpleng shredder lang?  Kung gagamit ako ng cocnut husk kailangan ko ng maraming supply pero limited po ang supply ko nito from my farm.  Magkano po kaya ang bilihan ngayon ng coconut husk per kilo?


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

maraming paraan ng pag-rehabilitate ng farm land. depende sa condition, puwede mo naman taniman agad  ng cover crops to prevent the further erosion of the topsoil.

look into legumes, tapos gawin mo din itong green mulch after your harvest.  for now, the most immediate step to take is to prevent further deterioration of the topsoil.


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


my mini decorticating may cost you 250,000. excluding motor, you can choose your own motor brand.
taga ozamiz city po ako, nasa moindanao.



Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


Thanks for the advice.  Yung 1 hectare ko ay tinaniman ko ng saging nung Sept 2007 at nagsisimula nang mamunga. Dati syang taniman ng mais.  Medyo maganda pa ang kundisyon nitong farm na ito. Pero yung isang hectare pa ay nasa gilid ng bundok kaya nasa slope.  Ito yung talagang na-erode na.  Matagal kasing napabayaan yung farm.  Merong mga mangga ngayon. gusto ko sana gawing parang terraces. 
Lalagyan ko ng mga bato at different intervals hanggangsa ibaba tapos unti-unti kong lalagyan ng compost, saka ko tataniman ng kamote.  Ano ang pwede mong mai-advice?  Ok kaya yung coconut husk na compost?

I am a wanna-be farmer at wala akong background sa farming.  Pero talagang interesado akong mag-farm hindi lang para sa sarili ko.  Gusto kong maging model farm/farmer ako para sa mga kababayan ko na marginal farmers lang.  That is my vision.


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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

     please email me cost of single pass decorticating machine, if you could attach picture. any training for machine operation and the actual process of decorticating? how much would you buy the fiber. would you deliver the machine? Northern samar is the place if not where is the nearest I could buy the machine? my email add is monriza1950@yahoo.co.uk will look forward to your mail. thank you.


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

Anybody who could help me find all the necessary equipment for making coco rope and the weaving equipment.

I am from Batangas City.

Reylorlyn 09189397473


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


Link: http://www.mirdc.dost.gov.ph/index.php?option=com_content&task=section&id=27&Itemid=68

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

Daming decorticator kaso di naman makapag benta ng fiber kahit maganda ang quality.

Reasons: 1. walang baling Press, di pwede export ang fiber na less than 20MT and ma e load so 40' HQ container van.
               2. September to February lang ang buwan na mataas ang demand ng coco fiber for export.  The rest of the year, konti buyer at mura ang presyo.
I like the idea of these group of producers in Leyte, wherein they consolidate their products and they export together.

I suggest you follow the same scheme with them, Iba talaga pag sama-sama, may mararating.

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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

Mr. Ian Panganiban,

Sir, if your problem was the BALING MACHINE, for me it is not a problem. I can load 20MT-21MT to a 40ft HC.
Consolidation is ok, but there is no uniformity of every baled product loaded to a container.
To design a baling machine, we must consider the lenght, width, height and weight. example: bale size: 50x60x90cm; 125-130kg; it can load 21MT or more.    e-mail me: hyjoromat@yahoo.com
The price per MT is good if you will not depend china as the buyer. I have buyers in europe, germany and others.


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Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk


Good day!
Can you send me photos thru e-mail of your station?

housen:  hyjoromat@yahoo.com


Re: For Sale: Decorticating machine for coconut husk

costs are too high. any machines for backyard use only and not as a business?