Re: suitable soil for coconut?


i was so impressed with your publications regarding coconut farming and i am very interested most of the topics published.
My problem is I have five (5) has. of land planted with manggo the spacing is 12 x 12 m
and I am planning to intercrop malayan breed coco but my problem is the soil it is examind as BOLINAO CLAY  and the location is 4 kms. from the shore line, when it rains it dries long long time and when it dries the soil becomes flakes and cracked, MY QUESTION IS: IS THIS KIND OF SOIL SUITABLE FOR HYBRID COCONUTS? to give you an idea the adjacent lands were also planted with coconuts but a native tall variety


Re: suitable soil for coconut?

Coconuts are hardy trees and tolerant of many soil types.

The ideal soil conditions for better growth and performance are drainage and water-holding capacity. Contact your local Philippine Coconut Authority office or City/Provincial Agri Office.

Your choice of variety will depend on what you want to do with your crop. (ie Copra? Buko?)


Re: suitable soil for coconut?

coconut tree required dry and windy atmosphere.The best growth of the palm needs soil moisture conditions remain at optimum level, but that where the soil is dry, only little wind is desirable.coconut tree needs full sunlight ,70 to 75 F temperature and 30-50 inches rain.This tree needs more warm condition to grow up.