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Anybody who knows where to buy rice hull cookers and how much.


larry r. leander


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Dear Larry:

I know of a gas stove using rice husk as fuel. the investment cost is P5,000,00. Please e-mail atbelonio@yahoo.com, for details. Engr. Belonio is also commercializing the 2-burner rice husk gas stove. The investment cost for this is a lit bit higher, P8,500.00. Engr. Belonio said he has been receiving e-mails around the world regarding this technology. Soon he will be finishing a handbook about this to be published at www.repp.org



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ms. ofie,

thank you very much.



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I wonder why the Maligaya Rice Hull Stove was published.  Probably, it was meant to tell everybody the agency has an accomplishment even if it is not an original design.  It was published but it cant be printed out in the normal process.  The complete pattern is not included, measurements of cones are deliberately omitted, and labels are interchanged to confuse the public.  I think some parts were also not mentioned in the PDF presentation available at PhilRice website.  People in dire need of alternatives to LPG try to produce the stove but they fail, simply because the stove does not function if u construct it based on what was published by PhilRice.  BEWARE!!!! They dont really want the stove to be reproduced for the convenience of the public.  Unfortunately, there is no place to buy it in all the places I have gone to.  There are pictures but do these stoves really in existent? Are they fully functional as is claimed?

I cant travel to the agencies concerned to get the design.  I have already lost a lot of money to have this stove done, our community waits for the realization of a cost-saving cooking device until now. And the agencies i emailed to dont seem to have people manning the computers. Why do they say we can ask info from them if they can include all necessary details in the presentation?  Why do they ask us to hope for a reply if nobody will ever really read the email?  Are we being duped?  Anyone help me please!!!


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Hi ookstove designers,

With over 80 million filipino families, about 30 million mostly in the rural areas are probably using wood and charcoal for cooking and food processing.

Charcoal is available even in urban areas and some wood is also sold in public markets or available from shrubs and trees in subdivisions.

I recently purchased a cookstove that can use both wood and charcoal. I prefer to use charcoal as fuel because it does not produce smoke; wood as a fuel produces a lot of smoke and blackens the bottoms of pots and pans.

I have seen two charcoal stove that have a diameter of about 12 to 14 inches. These were used by small carinderias.

I am currently trying to design an easy to light charcoal stove that can bring 3 liters of water to a boil in under 15 minutes (closer to minutes is the target) but I do not want to increase the diameter of the firing chamber beyond 7 inches.

I light my charcoal stove from the bottom, using small pieces of newspaper crumpled into small balls. But newspapers also produce lots of smoke when confined under the charcoal grate.

I do not want to use alcohol or kerosene. I also do not want to use an electric or manual fan to hasten the combustion.  A chimney works well to speed up the firing of the charcoal.

As a firing chamber I use a tin can (discarded paint can) with the bottom cut away and  and with holes punched into the sides. I also have an outer can to direct the heated air around the firing chamber upward to the cooking vessel.

I enjoy being an amateur designer.


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charcoal stove design

there are probably more than a dozen charcoal stove models sold in public markets; some are made of clay while others are made of cement; still others are made of metal.

some charcoal stoves can also use wood. most are for charcoal only.

which is the best charcoal stove design?

best can be determined on the basis of efficiency, or convenience or looks. convenience can include easy of lighthing or portability or some other feature as the ability to boil water faster or to produce enough heat to cook a large amount of lugaw or durability.

let us hear how you rate the charcoal stoves you purchased or desinged.


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pls check if your charcoal stove boil 5 liters of water with just 600 grams of charcoal or boil 3 liters in 15 minutes after isalang mo ang takuri.


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Hi Alqueen,

all good things come to those who try and try again.

How can people send you information if you do not even publish your email address in this forum?

if you check out the REAP Canada website you can find a discussion on the Mayon Turbo Stove rice hull cookstove. You can also probably get the design for a fee. The NGO also needs funds to be able to continue its work.


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Re rice hull cooker design package from REAP Canada:

Mayon Turbo Stove: Design Package
REAP-Canada Would Like to Encourage the Mayon Turbo Stove Technology for Communities Around the World ...

Understanding how the Mayon Turbo Stove has improved living conditions in the southern Philippines, REAP-Canada is facilitating governments, NGOs, manufacturing workshops, and others to market the stove in other nations. We have prepared an International Marketing and Manufacturing Package which includes information on what is needed to manufacture and disseminate the stove at the local level. The package includes general information on the stove, design drawings for manufacture, an instruction manual, brochures, and former case studies, and can be obtained for $200 CDN.
Mayon Turbo Stove Design Package Contents
Cover Letter    
MTS Information    

    * Enhancing Household Biomass Energy
    * Evolution of MTS
    * Impact of a Rice Hull Stove·
    * MTS Brochure
    * Operating and Performance Characteristics

MTS Manufacture    

    * MTS 6500/7000 Design Specifications Worksheet
    * Engineering Figure 1
    * Engineering Figure 2
    * Engineering Figure 3
    * Engineering Figure 4
    * Step by Step Manufacturing Instructions

MTS Accounting    

    * MTS Accounting Spreadsheet

MTS Use    

    * How to Use to Mayon Turbo Stove Booklet
    * How to Use the Mayon Turbo Stove

PACCP Project Report    

    * PACCP Appendix I: How to Use the MTS
    * PACCP Appendix J: Photographs
    * PACCP Project Final Report

If you are interested in obtaining more information on the Mayon Turbo Stove or are interested in purchasing one of these packages, please contact us by email at info@reap-canada.com or phone at 514-398-7743.

Note: Purchase of this package indicates buyer's acceptance of these terms and all legal liabilities that may arise from possession or manufacture of this product, including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, civil liabilities resulting from accidents, and responsibility for proper, safe and conscientious use and production of the Mayon Turbo Stove. REAP-Canada and its employees will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage resulting from use, or careless, improper or unsafe handling or production of the MTS. REAP-Canada retains the rights to the stove and to manage any GHG carbon credits or CDM/JI project potentials generated through the manufacture and distribution of the MTS internationally.


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free charcoal stove

with a two used tin cans, you can design/produce for free your own charcoal stove, using a few hand tools and some wire.

parts of charcoal stove are burner and grate.

to make the charcoal stove more efficient, have a larger diameter tin can around the burner; this will allow the secondary air to rise to the pot you are cooking food or boiling water in.


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Panu gawin yung mini stove using aluminum can of softdrink? meron ka bang plan on how to built this? can you share it?


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hi babes_lover

pls check out this URL: http://wings.interfree.it/html/Pepsi.html.

there are many designs that you can check out buy entering out "pepsi stove" in google.

you can also buy one ready made at along the side walk at avenida rizal near carriedo in manila.

I did not try it because it can only cook small quantities and not for a complete meal for a family. it also needs denatured alcohol as fuel. i prefer to use fuel from renewable resources like wood and charcoal.

alcohol of course be derived from corn and molasses -- both renewable resources but the alcohol from corn and molasses are mainly produced for human consumption -- kaya lang nakakalasing and this can fuel much singing and dancing.

charcoal stoves depending on the size of the burner can cook one kilo of rice and other masabaw na pagkain gaya ng bulalo, beef nilaga, etc.

look around you and check out carinderias which might be using charcoal in stead of or in addition to LPG.


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Hi there,

We make and sell the Rice Hull Stove in La Union.   We can also provide training from making the stove.   If anyone is interested to buy the stove,  we can ship it through LBC.

The stove is fully functional and it is very cost effective.  We have sold many in our community and the marketing is still going on.  We received lots of  good feedback.  The cost of the stove is P850.00 excluding shipping. 

You can e-mail me at cris_alambra@yahoo.com for further information.

C Laroza


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Rice hull stoves

Hi C Laroza,

Sabi ninyo: "We make and sell the Rice Hull Stove in La Union."

Sana ipost mo ito sa lahat ng forum dito sa PCARRD upang malaman ng mas marami.


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Re: Rice Hull Cookers


I'm very much to know where this stove is being sold here in Metro Manila.
Can you give me the exact address.?



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wy dont we try forming some sort of "saturday group" where members would set-up an EB and maybe from this group we could decide to try and experiment on fabricating these stoves and make improvements on it. As I see it, some of us, including myself are REALLY REALLY interested in trying but we lack the necessary know-how and are budget-constrained.....just a suggestion....

maybe the moderators can try to organize ...


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Try to search for "Hand book of Rice Husk Gasifier" written by Engr. Alexis Belonio. It is available in the internet.

Specifications of the rice husk gasifier is fully documented in his handbook. Philrice's maligaya rice stove specifications maybe be intentionally omitted because of commercial reason.

If the government agency intention is to promote the use of rice husk as an alternative energy source, they should openly provide the specifications.


Re: Rice Hull Cookers

hi noinoi,

alexis belonio designs stoves professionally having test equipment at a university in Iloilo.

many other filipinos design, produce and market stoves as livelihood activities.
just go to the palengke every six months and you will see different wood and charcoal stoves.

so how do you test if one stove is better than another?

fuel efficiency? at inventors fairs in the mid 1980s, i tested stoves by determining which one could boil a liter of water faster given the same amount of charcoal.

you can buy two one liter whistling kettles and use two different charcoal or wood stoves and see which one whistles first.

do this several times. and you can time them with a stopwatch (in a cell phone).

have fun but do not burn your house or inhale too much carbon monoxide from incomplete combustion of charcoal or wood.

some stoves burn wood from the bottom up. other stoves (TLUD) burn from the top layer of wood down.

the standard test is to boil and simmer 5 liters of water.

browse the internet. do not inhale too much smoke.


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The design of my down draft rice husk gasifier is based on Engr, Belonio's Handbook and other sources. We are using the rice husk gasifier for distilling rice wine.  For one batch it will take more than 10 hours to complete the distilling. One batch comprise about 100 gallons of raw rice wine.

Rice husk consumption is about 1 and 1/2 sack for every hour of operation. The rice husk should be an output from a multi pass rice milling machine fitted with rubber roller not the ordinary kiskisan type (single pass).

The gas output is more than enough to fire 2 burners.


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hi ross,

thanks for your info on the use of the Belonio rice hull stove.

how much energy (equivalent in kilos of LPG) do you think you are saving with relatively free fuel?

I hope more Filipinos like you will buy and use the Belonio stove.

in the fuel side, I think we should all be aware of Engr. Baconguis (FORPRIDECOM?) for his development of CHARCOAL BRIQUETTES made from leaves and twigs and not wood from trees.

We probably do not support our local inventions enough.

Millions of Filipino households cook with firewood and charcoal! Lots of small shrubs in our backyards.

Bye the way, one good thing about Alexis Belonio, he makes his designs available to all to use and even improve upon if possible. What a remarkable person he is.

More power to you too for making use of the Belonio stove and reducing the use of imported energy. Biomass is renewable. to me it is merely a form of solar energy.


Re: Rice Hull Cookers


I do not have instrument to measure the gas output from my downdraft gasifier. For 10 hours operation, it is more or less equivalent to 1 tank of LPG tank (11.7 kl.).

By comparing the feedstock or consumption of rice husk for direct burning, the gasifier uses only 50% less.


Re: Rice Hull Cookers

hi ross,

great information! i take it you would be using one tank of 11kg LPG to distill your rice wine.

great savings in cost!

how many sacks of rice hull do you use per day?


Re: Rice Hull Cookers

For 10 hrs operation per day, rice husk consumption is about 12-15 sacks, per sack is about 10-14 kg of rice husk.

The diameter of the burner is around 7 inches, there are 3 circumferential lines of holes. I used one burner for steaming rice in a "kawa", it is a big tulyasi, diameter on the top of "kawa" is 47 inches.

For those of you who are interested to know more about the gasifier, please let me know.


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sir Ross,

im interested ry12an16@yahoo.com...thanks for sharing

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Re: Rice Hull Cookers

I'm posting the pictures that Mr. Ross dela Cruz shared with me of the RHG he is operating for his distellery, at his request.


You may view the larger versions here

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Re: Rice Hull Cookers

Add the link below for additional info.

LoTrau Stove, Mayon Turbo, IRRI


REAP CANADA http://www.reap-canada.com

See also: REAP Mayon Turbo Rice Hull Stove

Appendix 2. Rice hull cookers

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Re: Rice Hull Cookers

The rice hull device developed by Mr Belonio is actually a rice hull gasifier. When rice hull is burned, un-burned gases are produced. Mr Belonio's device collects these un-burned gases and directs them into a burner (or stove) where complete combustion can be accomplished. It is therefore a more efficient system.

It is very unfortunate that Mr belonio's efforts to promote his gasifier in the Philippines were not very successful. An investor in Indonesia who fully supports his research undertakings now had to be found.

Mr. Belonio was nominated for a Rolex Award for Enterprise in 2008. On January 14, 2009 he became an associate laureate Rolex Awardee that carried a U$50,000 prize. It is gratifying to note that although he has moved to Indonesia, he received his prestigious Rolex Award in Manila & as a Filipino.   

For reference, see:
http://rolexawards.com/en/the-laureates … o-home.jsp and
http://www.iloiloviews.com/the-belonio- … stove.html

FIND OUT more about CACAO BEAN Chocolates at www.facebook.com/BeanToBarDarkChocolates & see my other posts about BioGAS, the Plant ROOT Injector & Harvesting RAIN


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re biogas

If one consumes a tank of  11 kg LPG every two days, how many heads of pigs would you need to raise so that you can generate the same amount of biogas from pig manure?


Re: Rice Hull Cookers

Ka Gowin,
Saan po lugar ito Rice Hull Cookers.
Interested ako na makita maaring makatulong sa akin to create additional heat para sa Bakery.



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Hi everyone,

I am a poultry contract grower and presently designing a brooding heater fueled by ricehull.  Current design is 80% functional... It's a work in progress.  I have problems in designing a fuel feeder that will supply the burner with ricehull continuously or in prolonged time span.  Is anyone can help me on this?


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may ginawa akong stove made from scrap. I use pili shell as fuel. 1 1/2 klo of pili shell, burning time is almost 1 1/2 hr. i like to post the pic but i dont know how to post images.

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try ko nga http://i1098.photobucket.com/albums/g378/barnut1/1-5-201110-17-12PM.png

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        Loser says, "It may be possible but it is too difficult."


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Pili nut shell has high heating value, similar to coco shell. I think your design is upward. How is ash discharge from the chamber/reactor?


Re: Rice Hull Cookers

wintuha wrote:

Pili nut shell has high heating value, similar to coco shell. I think your design is upward. How is ash discharge from the chamber/reactor?

may natitira pang kunting abo.

The Winner says, "It may be difficult but it is possible";  the
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Re: Rice Hull Cookers

Only one word: Superb! I simply adore it!

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Re: Rice Hull Cookers

the smoke emitted from pili shell might not too hazardous as that with rice hull.  As a word of advice for those planning to assemble or buy gasifier, there are studies made that smoke from rice hull gasifier is harmful to health when the smoke is inhaled.  I have a friend whom his father purchased one somewhere in central luzon, but stop using the stove because of not that good effect to health.  I don't have the gasifier but I do have the carbonizer because I use the carbonized rice hull for my farm.  And I can say that the smoke is too heavy when inhaled so we burn the rice hull far away from houses.

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