Topic: automatic rice mill plant

Victor brand rice mill plant adopts mature technology, advanced equipment, scientic and rational process.The whole rice milling line include flollowing machines :rice cleaner--destoner--rice husk--rice separator--rice mill machine https://www.victorricemill.com/ --rice polishing and grader--color sorter--packing, these machine are automatic working, and rice from the whole line can meet the quality of import & export requirement.

This rice mill plant features low noise and smooth operation. With its unique rice milling technique, each grain of rice can be evenly unshelled, whitened and polished while keeping close contact with the emery roller, producting very few broken rice grains and making higher rice milling rate. There is no rice bran powder in the finished ones. The rice surface shows rounder and brigher. Therefore, it is a kind of advanced rice processing technique.


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