Topic: Landscape Tree for Narrow Planting Area

Does anyone know of a tree that provides a good screen and shade whose roots will not lift and break an adjoining concrete floor?  The area is partially shaded and the planting area is between a concrete wall and concrete carport floor.

Thanks po.



Re: Landscape Tree for Narrow Planting Area

Hi Mr. George,

Thank you for your query. I have replied to your query last week but it seems it did not get through, there must be something wrong with the system. I will compose my reply again and I hope it will get through this time.

Anyway, with your situation, I suggest not to plant trees except when your allowance from your planting hole to the wall or concrete flooring is less than 5 meters. If it more than that, the next suggestion is not to plant large trees but small to to medium ones. I suggest you plant dwarf banaba or mala sampalok, these are shrubby trees ... however it will take about 3-4 yars before it can provide you good shade that you want, and still, it will destroy your wall for about 15-20 years after planting.

Another best option is to plant ornamental bamboos like yellow buho and pole bamboo (Thailand bamboo - Thyrsostachys siamensis). Bamboo shoot as tubelike and succulent at some point and cannot destroy concrete walls of flooring.

These species are available in most nurseries around, you just have to ask or order in advance. You can do line planting at a distance of .5 meter, then you just need to thin to avoid over clumping.

If you are just around Los Banos, you can visit me at PCAARRD, I can provide you free planting materials, you just have to bring along people to bole it out. You can email me or call me at this address/number; mars.siladan@yahoo.com /09771704734.