Topic: animal feed pellet mill for sale

Information of animal feed pellet mill:
1.The main engine can be adopted to different raw materials by frequency control.
2.The discharging chopper is controlled by frequency conversion so as to adjust the length of materials.
3.We can also customize die bores of other special shapes according to requirements of customers.
4. Mixing Time is 30-90s. Mixing homogeneity is up to 98%. 5.Pelletmachine can be equipped with different aperture ring mode, the user can arbitrarily chosen according to different needs, and can be customized for different aperture ring mold.
6. In addition, this machine can be applied to process the pellets for young animals,livestock and poultry as well as other pellet food of high quality.
Equipment Related to Complete Animal Feed Pelle Production Line
Feed Grinder →Feed Mixer → Feed Pellet Mill → Counterflow Cooler → Feed Pellets Grading Sieve → Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine

There are different kinds of capacity, depending on your needs.If you're interested in this machine, just contact me.